Our email list is our most essential communication tool. All major anouncements, status updates, and emergency messages are distributed through this email list. Our email list is managed through Google Groups, and is open registration. Any member can send and view messages, so please be curtious to all!

By it’s nature, all emails are organized by Google onto an online interface, which functions as a Forum. This interface is optional, and you can interact with this email list through the forum directly or by sending and recieving emails through your inbox.

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It is strongly recomended that all members and emergency contacts join our Texting service! In the case of meeting cancelation, changes in return time from events, or other issue requiring immediate action, the notice will come out first via this service. Users can interact with this service via Text (non-smartphone), Application, Email, or Website.

We maintain a Text-based anouncement service: Remind. This service allows us to send immediate notifications directly to all members of Crew 2013. This service is used to remind members of upcoming meetings, registration deadlines, and urgent updates.

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Instagram is used to share photos of our Crew meetings, events, and activities. This serves as a supplement to our Crew 2013 Gallery, and aims to highlight the program offered by Venturing Crew 2013 and Baltimore Area Council NYLT.

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Facebook is used to maintain our online community. General updates are shared via facebook, as well as Scouting and Crew-related photos, news articles, and stories. We operate a page as a  public face for our Crew. There is no private Facebook Group.

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Twitter is used primarily to share live updates during our meetings, events, and activities. This is primarily useful for family and friends back at home that are interested in the adventures that their Venturers are experiencing.

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