Crew 2013 has an active outdoor program. Weekly meetings themselves are often held outdoors at our meeting place when the weather is apropriate. We plan weekend events 8 months in advance, and strive to hold outdoor weekend events and activities every month. These adventures range from snow-tubing and skiing to backpacking, white-water rafting, and climbing courses. Through the BSA we are lucky enough to have access to over a thousand acres of beautiful land ready for camping.


Crew 2013 is a youth-led organization focused on Character and Leadership development. With the guidence and mentoring from adult leaders, our youth members democratically elect a President, four vice presidents, a webmaster, and a quartermaster. These “Officers” are elected for a 12 month term. Active members of Crew 2013 recieve free training in Project Planning, Goal Setting & Time Management, and Mentoring. All youth members of Crew 2013 are encouraged to attend National Youth Leadership Training.


Crew 2013 incorporates regular Community Service into our year-round program. Our major long-term community service initiative is the Internationally recognized, STEM-based, Messengers of Peace project: Hands Across Borders. Crew 2013 has also worked to support and strengthen communities through local service projects, including Canned Food Drives, building an outdoor Food Pantry, neighborhood and road-side litter sweeps, and snow-shoveling. Crew 2013 strives to create true Servant Leaders.


Crew 2013 develops an anual program that revolves around the interests of our growing membership. Since the crew was founded in late 2012, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) has remained a regular top interest of our youth. Through the Hands Across Borders project, youth members are given the opportunity to try their hand in fields ranging from CAD (computer aided design), mechanical engineering, and robotics. STEM is regularly incorporated into meetings and events.